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November 2013 Edition

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Andy Farber

OAUG Customer Support Council Co-Chair Andy Farber

John Schmitz

OAUG Customer Support Council Co-Chair John Schmitz

Message from the Co-Chairs

Finally. I know I gave a cheer, and a deep sigh of relief, as Oracle's state-of-the-art catamaran crossed the finish line in San Francisco Bay to take back the America’s Cup trophy. Closer to home (well, not really, for those at Open World), many more of us sighed with relief and cheered as Oracle announced the long-delayed release of E-Business Suite (EBS) R12.2 along with extensions and waivers for the already extended periods of support for EBS R11 and R12.1. Why the delay? Oracle wanted to make sure that the EBS R12.2 code was really, really ready. Like the first half of the America’s Cup series, those delays gave us all cause for concern. But in the end, Oracle got it right and announced the GA (General Availability) of EBS 12.2 in September 2013. Why the additional extensions and fee waivers and exceptions? I'd like to suggest your council had some influence. Looking back at the partnership Oracle Support has had with the OAUG Customer Support Council, we know that Oracle is keenly aware of our interest and need for fair and equitable support policies. In the past, we've gained these extensions by petitioning Oracle. Proactively extending the windows of support enhances the value of the E-Business Suite. As your co-chairs, John and I are proud of the part the council has played; we know that we have made a difference. What's next? Go to My Oracle Support (MOS), download a wizard and install it. While you are on MOS, check into the communities, and check out the new Enhancement Request Process now in place for EBS Procurement. Or, get accredited. Oracle Support is now offering accreditation for using support tools. See below for more details. Your systems will be better for it, and you'll be breezing across the finish line in no time.

Andy Farber (with John Schmitz)
OAUG Customer Support Council Co-Chairs

OAUG Customer Support Council Expands its Reach/Influence

The OAUG Customer Support Council assists OAUG members in their understanding and use of Oracle Applications Support resources by providing information and education. We also advocate to Oracle Support on behalf of members. We focus on the needs of customers using the Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) as well as other acquired Oracle product lines, including Hyperion and Primavera EPPM.

Several OAUG members have recently joined the council. Their unique perspectives and experiences will significantly enhance our ability to represent with a unified voice the broader audience of Oracle Applications users. We welcome to the OAUG Customer Support Council:

  • Alex Tomovici, Placon Corporation.
  • Berni Ellingson, Rockwell Collins.
  • Roman Havrylyak, Radio Systems Corporation.
  • Amanda Hunt, General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems.

Thank you for your interest and efforts to serve the OAUG membership.

Proactive Tools

Avoid the Unexpected. Get Proactive!

Oracle’s Proactive Tools are available to help you keep a healthy application environment by detecting and solving issues before they have an impact on your business.

The Oracle Support organization has gathered and automated some of the key content within the My Oracle Support environment to create new tools known as “Analyzers.” These Analyzers run against key areas of your environment, provide immediate feedback and recommend solutions for any identified issues. Analyzers are scripts that can be run stand-alone or via concurrent process. Analyzers can be scheduled to run automatically and can be executed and reviewed by your functional users.

The following Analyzer tools are available at no additional cost in My Oracle Support:

  • ATG
    • Workflow Analyzer script for E-Business Suite Workflow Monitoring and Maintenance [Video] [ID 1369938.1]
    • Concurrent Processing - CP Analyzer for E-Business Suite [ID 1411723.1]
    • E-Business Suite Clone Log Parser Utility (Rapid Clone)[VIDEO] [ID 1447553.1]
  • FIN
    • R12: Master GDF Diagnostic (MGD) to Validate Data Related to Invoices, Payments, Accounting, Suppliers and EBTax [VIDEO] [ID 1360390.1]
    • R12: Period Close Helper - Diagnostic to Validate Data Before Period Close [ID 1489381.1]
    • R12: EBTax Setup and Data Integrity Analyzer [ID 1529429.1]
    • R12: Payables Trial Balance Helper - Diagnostic to Validate Data for APTB issues [ID 1553507.1]
    • R12: Internet Expenses Setup Helper - Diagnostic to Validate OIE Setup Data [ID 1559272.1]
    • AutoInvoice Post-Process Validation Report: Overview and Installation Instructions [ID 1523525.1]
  • MFG
    • R12: PO Approval Analyzer Diagnostic Script [ID 1525670.1]
    • ASCP Performance Analyzer script for Performance Monitoring [ID 1554183.1]

Highlighted Proactive Tools

The OAUG Customer Support Council has reviewed a number of Oracle’s Proactive Tools that we thought were quite useful and would be of interest to members. Following is a summary of the EBS Clone Log Parser Utility, the EBS Workflow Analyzer and the Concurrent Processing Analyzer. Check them out for yourself and give us your feedback at

The E-Business Suite Clone Log Parser Utility

The E-Business Clone Log Parser Utility assists with the consolidation of cloning log file error information and actions into a single HTML report. A single cloning session may generate up to a dozen separate log files. The E-Business Clone Log Parser Utility provides relevant snippets of each log as well as health checks for basic configuration information of the environment.

Details and script download, along with two informative videos, are available via Doc 1447553.1.

EBS Workflow Analyzer

The EBS Workflow Analyzer is a script that reviews the current Workflow Footprint, analyzes the configurations environment, provides feedback and makes recommendations on best practices and areas of concern. It provides immediate analysis and output of the EBS Workflow environment. Go to Doc 1369938.1 for details, script download and access to a nine-minute EBS Workflow Analyzer video tutorial.

EBS Concurrent Processing Analyzer

The EBS Concurrent Processing Analyzer is a self-service health-check script that reviews the overall Concurrent Processing footprint and analyzes the current configurations and settings for the environment, providing feedback and recommendations on best practices. This is a query only script that provides recommended actions to be performed on the instance it was run on. For production instances, always apply changes to a recent clone to ensure an expected outcome.

Go to Doc 1411723.1 for details and script download. Or watch this nine-minute CP Analyzer Tutorial (09:00).

Oracle Support at Oracle OpenWorld 2013

Oracle OpenWorld

Oracle Support Services will be at Oracle OpenWorld 2013 in full force with 16 educations sessions, experts in the Support Stars Bar, networking at the My Oracle Support Community Meet Up and demos of powerful support tools. Review the schedule of education sessions (pdf file) and other opportunities to learn, connect and explore with Oracle Support during Oracle OpenWorld, September 22-26, 2013, in San Francisco, Calif., USA.

New My Oracle Support Quick Reference Guide

Oracle has released a new resource that provides step-by-step instructions on how to use basic features in My Oracle Support. If you are new to My Oracle Support or need a refresher on setting up and using some of the basic features, view the My Oracle Support Quick Reference Guide (PDF file).

Important E-Business Suite Password Logging Issue

Oracle recently announced that for some customer configurations, EBS passwords were being inadvertently logged to diagnostic logs. Please see the September 5, 2013, email from Oracle Security Alerts and My Oracle Support (MOS) Note 1579709.1 for details and mitigation steps.

Watch for updates from Oracle Support on Twitter: @Oracle_EBS, @MyOracleSupport.

Follow the OAUG on Twitter: @OAUG1.

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