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OAUG Support in Focus:  Information and Updates from the OAUG Customer Support Council

November 2012 Edition

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Andy Farber

OAUG Customer Support Council Co-Chair Andy Farber

John Schmitz

OAUG Customer Support Council Co-Chair John Schmitz

Message from the Co-Chairs

Two weeks ago I was musing about what to write for this issue. The World Series? Halloween? Or even, I thought lightly, a hurricane, then merely a blip on the radar?

Little did I know I’d be writing by the glow of flashlight and candles, waiting for power to return soon, and feeling lucky to have only lost power. The real power of a hurricane storm surge cannot even be imagined until you’ve seen it, be it beaches destroyed on the New Jersey shore, the New York City tunnels flooded, or the Mississippi’s Biloxi Bridge, washed away by Hurricane Katrina seven years ago.

Hindsight is 20/20, but contingency planning plays a tremendous supporting role. I received hourly emails from our data center as they switched to emergency power during Hurricane Sandy. Three days later, the diesels continue to maintain our systems without loss of service, and we closed payables on October 31, right on schedule.

This past month, all Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) users got some welcome news with our own contingency plans. Oracle waived the uplift fees and added 18 months, until December 2018, to the end of Extended Support for customers on EBS Release 12.1. Users going live next month will have six years of R12.1 support, one and one-half of Premier and then four and one-half on Extended, to look forward to, more than enough time to extract a meaningful return on investment on your upgrade. (Recognize that the major difference between Premier and Extended Support is that Extended Support does not include additional certifications.)

For those who aren’t about to go live on EBS R12, an exception has been made for EBS R11i users on Sustaining Support. After Extended Support expires next November, this exception will provide payroll and other regulatory patches through the end of December 2014. Hopefully, this is welcome news for users whose upgrade go-live dates go beyond next November. Read on in this newsletter for details and links to informative resources.

This edition of OAUG Support in Focus also highlights another win-win for Oracle and the customer. Publication of Note 1449137.1 identifies functionality differences when upgrading from EBS Release 11 to Release 12. Often we discover functionality has been lost during an upgrade. This document identifies many functions that haven’t been lost at all, but have been moved, and shows where they went.

The partnership between Oracle and the OAUG Customer Support Council is a key benefit of OAUG membership. As a member of the OAUG, you have unparalleled access to Oracle Support and Development. Got a question? Got an issue? Contact us, and we’ll see how we can help. We value your concerns and suggestions, email us at

John Schmitz and Andy Farber
OAUG Customer Support Council Co-Chairs

Oracle Announces Support Policy Updates for Oracle E-Business Suite Customers

Based on feedback from customers, including members of the OAUG, Oracle has announced important changes to the Lifetime Support Policies affecting customers on Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) Releases 11i and 12.1.

Exceptions for Sustaining Support on Oracle E-Business Suite 11.5.10

Oracle is providing an exception for the first 13 months of Sustaining Support on Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11.5.10 from December 1, 2013 through December 31, 2014. This exception support includes:

  • New fixes for Severity 1 production issues.
  • United States Form 1099 2013 year-end updates.
  • Payroll regulatory updates for the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia for fiscal years ending in 2014.

Customers must have the minimum baseline patches (or above) for the new Severity 1 production bug fixes (Note 883202.1).

Extended Support for E-Business Suite 12.1

The Extended Support period for Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1 has been extended through December 2018 with all uplift fees waived.

Customers must meet or be above the minimum patch level (Note 1195034.1).

More Information

For details about these announcements, consult these Oracle resources:

OAUG Customer Support Council Acknowledges Oracle’s Efforts to Protect Customer Investments

One of the OAUG’s very active and important councils, the OAUG Customer Support Council, holds regular conference calls with representatives from Oracle Support to discuss members’ challenges and concerns. Through its solid, long-standing relationship with Oracle Support, the OAUG Customer Support Council serves as an advocate for the greater Oracle users community, influencing Oracle product and policy decisions.

For more information about the OAUG Customer Support Council’s relationship and interaction with Oracle Support, read the OAUG’s response to Oracle’s announcements regarding the changes to Oracle’s Lifetime Support Policies for EBS R11i and EBS R12.1 (PDF file).

E-Business Suite Loss of Functionality Upgrading from R11i to R12

Over the past several months, the OAUG Customer Support Council has discussed a number of items related to functionality that appeared to be lost when upgrading from EBS R11i to EBS R12. The council documented these items and submitted them to Oracle.

Oracle has reviewed the list of items brought to their attention and determined that many of the items identified had been moved or redesigned in EBS R12. Oracle has documented the list of items with a review field indicating changes and/or bugs that have been addressed. See My Oracle Support Note 1449137.1. The documentation includes an overview of the issue, the explanation and the solution. The documentation is also available in the R11i and R12 Information Centers:

  • Note 112552.1 for EBS R11i
  • Note 806593.1 for EBS R12

OAUG members may submit inquiries about possible loss of functionality instances to

Your Voice to Oracle: The OAUG Customer Support Council

OAUG members have the unique privilege of having a unified voice for communicating collective priorities for the future development, direction and enhancement of Oracle Applications products. OAUG members can express wishes and concerns to Oracle with the support and strength of the greater OAUG community.

The OAUG Customer Support Council’s advocacy on behalf of OAUG members, enacted through its long-standing relationship with Oracle Support, has resulted in a number of significant announcements about Oracle Support extensions or exceptions in recent years. The announcements about Sustaining Support exceptions and Extended Support fee waivers along with the documentation of EBS R11i to R12 functionality changes further exemplify how the collective voice of OAUG members can have significant impact.

The OAUG Customer Support Council works at the grassroots level to collect information from members to identify needs or areas of concern. The council then works with Oracle Support through an established, collaborative process to evaluate and address priority topics. Anyone wishing to submit an Oracle Support-related request may do so by submitting it to the council at

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