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OAUG Support in Focus:  Information and Updates from the OAUG Customer Support Council

September 2012 Edition

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Andy Farber

OAUG Customer Support Council Co-Chair Andy Farber

John Schmitz

OAUG Customer Support Council Co-Chair John Schmitz

Message from the Co-Chairs

Award Winning Support

This newsletter is going to press with the drama, spectacle and accomplishments of the Games of the XXX Olympiad in London still fresh on our minds. Watching the Olympics inspired a few reflections on life as well as Oracle Applications support:

  • These Olympic athletes are truly amazing and often perform beyond anything most of us could ever imagine or even dream of achieving. Humbling though it is, it is also true that in our professional lives there exist others more talented and experienced in specific skills than we are. Sharing resources via a users group is one way to close the gap on that expertise.
  • We live in a big, diverse world. The Oracle Applications universe is much more global and expansive than my limited PeopleSoft and EBS professional experience and perspective. Each of those Olympic athletes, like each of us and our organizations, are in some ways unique. However, we also have a lot in common and a lot we can learn from each other.
  • Excellence is still rewarded. True, our every move isn’t televised or our every accomplishment acknowledged. Rarely do we get medals or are asked for winning interviews. However, we believe each SR resolved, project well done or quality service faithfully provided does make a difference.
  • Success requires talent, hard work, teamwork and an effective support team. The OAUG Customer Support Council strives to work throughout the Oracle Applications community and closely with Oracle Support to help equip, promote and encourage the use of support-related practices, policies, tools and resources that member organizations need. We want you and your organization to achieve gold-medal success — if not on the world stage, at least among your stakeholders — in maximizing your Olympic-sized investment in Oracle software.

This issue of OAUG Support in Focus provides insider information and usage tips on using the Patch Wizard, learning to resolve issues like a My Oracle Support power user, and easily creating an SR from an existing one. A handy guide for accessing and using the Product Information Centers is also provided. For those looking forward to an upcoming trip to Oracle OpenWorld 2012 or maybe just catching post-conference highlights, be sure to see the list of the best practices and educational sessions Oracle Premier Support, Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services and Oracle University will be facilitating.

Just as Olympic summer athletes are pointing ahead to Rio de Janeiro in 2016, the OAUG Customer Support Council wants to plan and prep to better serve you in the future. Know that although we can’t satisfy every need, we value your concerns and suggestions. If you are interested in volunteering to serve on the council or in sending us your input, contact us at

John Schmitz and Andy Farber
OAUG Customer Support Council Co-Chairs

Ever Wonder about Patch Passwords?

I used to quip that “the security of my job kept me from knowing what I was doing.” I feared that joke was coming back to haunt me recently when I had to ask Oracle Support for and then wait for a password before we could download a patch. Wondering why patch passwords exist? The Customer Support Council recently raised that question and received some helpful insights from Oracle. Three reasons were given:

  1. The patch has been superseded by a new version. (This is rare, as the superseded patch is often pulled from the queue.)
  2. The patch was just released and its first uses are being tracked.
  3. The patch has potentially significant impact, and a conversation is required before the patch should be applied.

In my case, the patch met the first criterion; a later patch existed.

Oracle stated that, in general, the use of patch passwords now occurs less frequently than in the past.

Join Oracle Support Experts at Oracle OpenWorld 2012

Oracle OpenWorld Attending Oracle OpenWorld is a cost-effective and efficient way to stay ahead of the technology curve. Oracle Customer Support Services invites you to take advantage of this opportunity to interact with Oracle Services experts. With 27 sessions, hands-on demos, and networking events, you will find relevant, useful information about how Oracle Customer Support Services enables the success of your Oracle hardware and software investments. Learn more.

The Oracle EBS Patch Wizard Helps Users Determine the Impact of Patches and Prepare Test Scripts

Like many companies running a large footprint of Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS), it is necessary for Hologic, Inc. to apply patches that fix issues or provide new functionality. After upgrading to EBS R12, it appears there are fewer one-off patches and more fixes coming in family packs or other consolidated patch sets. This requires us to do more extensive testing, and it presents us with the challenge of determining what is affected by the patches and what should be tested.

The Oracle EBS Patch Wizard, a tool included with the Oracle Applications Manager (OAM), enables a better understanding of what has been affected by patches. Read more in this article (PDF file) from OAUG Insight magazine.

Learn How to Resolve Like a My Oracle Support Power User

Resolve — Find Answers Fast is the first webcast in the new “Oracle Support Best Practices” instructional series. Subject matter experts present real-life scenarios to illustrate the process, and labs provide hands-on application. Both new and experienced Oracle Premier Support customers will find new tools and approaches. Work Smart. Solve Fast. Resolve.

Trying to create a new Service Request (SR) from an existing Service Request (SR) in My Oracle Support?

It is possible to create a new Service Request (SR) from an existing SR in My Oracle Support. Read more for step-by-step instructions and helpful screen shots (PDF file).

Product Information Centers. Do You Have Yours Bookmarked?

Product Information Centers are a one-stop shop for important resources and targeted content to assist you with troubleshooting and error resolution. Each Product Information Center displays content organized around a particular product family and release, i.e., EBS Release 11i. The content is structured by topics and content to provide you with issue-specific, timely and popular references and resources to aid you in your current tasks. Find out how to locate Product Information Centers in My Oracle Support (MOS) and bookmark yours for easy access (PDF file).

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