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OAUG Support in Focus:  Information and Updates from the OAUG Customer Support Council

February 2012 Edition

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Andy Farber

OAUG Customer Support Council Co-Chair Andy Farber

John Schmitz

OAUG Customer Support Council Co-Chair John Schmitz

Message from the Co-Chairs

Life is full of uncertainty. Carefully made plans are disrupted. Expectations are not always realized. One may be confident, and desire so badly, that his favorite team will win the big game (let’s say over the NY Giants) that drafting a user group newsletter editorial is the wager boldly put on the line.

Managing complex business systems, developing a game plan for product support and executing purchased software product upgrades have their share of challenges as well, with more than just pride at stake. In most cases (we hope), our labors won’t garner the attention of a national audience. However, our best efforts and strong teamwork are just as important to success in our worlds as they are in the football stadium.

We are very pleased that, after further review, Oracle has decided to waive Extended Support fees for the entire three years for E-Business Suite (EBS) 11.5.10 customers. It seems to reflect the reality of the challenges many customers are still facing, underscores Oracle’s willingness to listen to our concerns and hopefully allows applicable customers to apply the needed resources to successfully complete their upgrade projects. See below for further information.

The OAUG Customer Support Council’s conversations between OAUG members and Oracle Support representatives continue regarding broader product support life-cycle issues as well as the needs of EBS 12.1 users awaiting the release of 12.2. Good things can happen when we come together to pursue shared goals.

We each have unique system configurations and project demands requiring unique Oracle Support needs. However, it is a safe bet that we all benefit from being well equipped and having ready access to reliable information. Even the most hardened cynic must admit that Oracle Support has made some significant advances improving support tools and offerings in recent years. Steven Chan’s EBS Techstack blog, the Proactive Support tools, new features and functionality in My Oracle Support, the Oracle Upgrade Advisors and Patch Advisors are key examples. Of course, there is always room for further improvement. If you have questions about any of the issues the OAUG Customer Support Council is discussing with Oracle or suggestions about other areas to explore, please contact us at

Finally we want to put a plug in for COLLABORATE 12. We hope that many of you will be able to attend what promises to be a rewarding conference. Among the numerous educational sessions are several covering important support-related topics. Also consider attending the Special Interest Group (SIG) meetings and watch for Oracle Support subject matter experts to provide valuable updates. Life is short, come enjoy a great conference.

John Schmitz and Andy Farber
OAUG Customer Support Council Co-Chairs

Oracle Waives Extended Support Fees for Oracle E-Business Suite Customers


Oracle Waives Extended Support Fees for Entire Three Years on E-Business Suite 11.5.10

Based on feedback from customers, including OAUG members, and as part of Oracle’s continued commitment to provide the industry’s leading support offering, Oracle has waived the Extended Support fees for E-Business Suite 11.5.10 for the entire three years of the Extended Support period, December 2010 - November 2013. This is a two-year extension to the initial waiver for the first year of the Extended Support fees. This change is noted in the updated Software Technical Support Policies (PDF file).

Oracle will be identifying customers who have already paid the Extended Support fee for 11.5.10 and determining a method of communication and a process for managing credits back to these customers.

Please refer to the Lifetime Support section of the Oracle website for further information regarding Oracle’s Lifetime Support Policy.

E-Business Suite R12.1 First-Year Extended Support Fees Waived

Oracle has waived the first year of Extended Support fees for its E-Business Suite 12.1. This gives customers until May 2015 before an annual Extended Support fee increase is required. See details about the announcement on the Oracle EBS Techstack Blog.

OAUG Customer Support Council Acknowledges Oracle’s Efforts to Protect Customer Investments

One of the OAUG’s very active and important councils, the OAUG Customer Support Council, holds regular conference calls with representatives from Oracle Support to discuss members’ challenges and concerns. Through its solid, long-standing relationship with Oracle Support, the OAUG Customer Support Council serves as an advocate for the greater Oracle users community, influencing Oracle product and policy decisions.

For more information about the OAUG Customer Support Council’s relationship and interaction with Oracle Support, read the OAUG’s response to Oracle’s announcements regarding the waivers of Oracle E-Business Suite Extended Support fees (PDF file).

Oracle E-Business Suite Support Goes More Proactive

Oracle Financials within E-Business Suite provides a good foundation for integrating the roles of IT professionals, business analysts and accountants — the so-called “super users” who know IT protocols as well as business processes. They are DBAs and CPAs. They know about database indexes. And they understand debits and credits.

Now, the Proactive Support team at Oracle is rolling out the Period Close Advisors to get in front of potential issues and address problems before they occur and help Oracle’s customers accomplish their business tasks more effectively and efficiently. (More…)

Oracle Support at COLLABORATE 12

Oracle Support
COLLABORATE 12:  Technology and Applications Forum for the Oracle Community

Attend education sessions presented by Oracle Support associates and meet the Oracle Support engineers—the ones who solve, recommend and fix your issues—during COLLABORATE 12.






For session abstracts, review the full list of Oracle Support-related sessions at COLLABORATE 12 (PDF file). Add these sessions to your COLLABORATE 12 schedule via the My Show Planner Agenda Builder.

Recommended Resource: The Oracle EBS Techstack Blog

Members of the OAUG Customer Support Council find great value in the content provided by the Oracle EBS Techstack Blog and recommend it as a resource for Oracle customers.

Moderated by Chief Editor Steven Chan, senior director in the Oracle Applications Technology Group, the Oracle EBS Techstack Blog covers Oracle insiders’ takes on technology stack-related topics for the Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS), with sneak previews of upcoming releases, new certification and product announcements, glimpses into the inner workings of Oracle Development, in-depth discussions of technology stack architectures and the occasional desupport notice.

A couple of the blog postings are especially applicable to the broad Oracle E-Business Suite audience:

  • Quarterly E-Business Suite Upgrade Recommendations, January 2012 Edition

    This posting provides a summary of the latest upgrade recommendations for E-Business Suite updates and technology stack components. These quarterly recommendations are based on the latest updates to Oracle’s product strategies, support deadlines and newly-certified releases.

  • The Best Way to Patch an E-Business Suite Environment? July 2011

    What’s the best strategy for applying patches to E-Business Suite environments? Read on for a list of general best practices patching strategy for all EBS environments.

Bookmark the Oracle EBS Techstack Blog, and add it to your list of go-to resources for information, updates and best-practice recommendations.

Planning Your Oracle E-Business Suite Upgrade from Release 11i to Release 12: White Paper

A new Oracle white paper, Planning Your Oracle E-Business Suite Upgrade from Release 11i to Release 12, was recently published as MOS Doc 1406960.1. It replaces an earlier paper, MOS Doc 987516.1, extending the advice provided there with new insights gained from talking to customers at recent user conferences. The paper also adds some new tips on how to combine your upgrade with a platform migration or footprint expansion, move custom reports to strategic reporting solutions and prepare for Process Manufacturing Inventory Convergence. The upgrade planning advice, currently focused on Release 12.1.3, also will apply to the future Release 12.2.

Take Control of Workflow with Workflow Analyzer

The EBS Workflow Analyzer is a script that reviews the current workflow footprint, analyzes the configurations, analyzes the workflow environment and provides feedback and recommendations on best practices and areas of concern.

Watch a video overview (9 minutes, My Oracle Support login required.)

Proactive Benefits:

  • Immediate analysis and output of workflow environment.
    • Identifies aged records.
    • Identifies workflow errors and volumes.
    • Identifies looping workflow items and stuck activities.
    • Identifies workflow system setup and configurations.
    • Identifies and recommends workflow best practices.
  • Easy-to-add tool for regular workflow maintenance.
  • Execute analysis any time to compare trending from past outputs.

Refer to Doc 1369938.1 for details and script download. Feedback on the EBS Workflow Analyzer is welcome. For more E-Business Suite proactive tools, refer to Doc 1388190.1. (My Oracle Support login required.)

Oracle Proactive Support Center, EBS ATG

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